Hi Newgrounds! How you all ding?

So I feel a little weird being away from the site for some time without submitting any new content. I've got some plans on my next cartoon, but for now my time is being spent on this short film I'm working on. Give it a few more weeks, it should be done and good to go.

I also want to make a 2D run n' gun platforming game with an idea in mind, and this picture is the result of that. I've got a good layout and plan for it; if I can find the right programmer who can make a fluid 2D game like what I have in mind, I'm in it. I'm also working on another idea for a game with a pal of mine but nothing has been set in stone yet. Just a few ideas here and there.

That's all I got for now. To my followers, sorry for a lack of content. I'l make more stuff soon! I promise.

Game idea, a short film and an update (I guess)


2013-10-16 20:48:44 by thekillzar

I am currently working on a variety of projects. I think Valkor did well enough to warrant another episode so that is definitely under works. I'm working with a composer who is creating original music for the episode, so that's exciting! But my main focus right now is my first attempt at making a live action short film.

I see people like OneyNG, Stamper and Ricepirate making hilarious short films and it just makes me want to go out and try it myself. I've got good friends helping me with camera operation, acting, scene design and more, while I am taking the role of the director. It's a difficult but oh-so-satisfying experience that I really want to take a part of. And I may make something great and hilarious or I may be worse than most people on Youtube who try to go viral. Who knows?

I don't have much to add here except that little tid bit of information. OH and I guess this short cartoon on Youtube I made a day ago. Enjoy! It'll be a while before I complete something new on this site. Cheers.

Doing stuffsssss

2013-10-02 16:48:56 by thekillzar

While I attempt to recover from my laziness and get started on a new cartoon, I'm just working on some side projects to hone some skills for the next batch.

Also, can anyone explain to me why I can't edit my submissions on my uploads? I want to put an update in the description to thank everyone for the support and for the Daily Awards I've received for a couple of my submissions, but it doesn't seem to update. It's weird.

Oh, this is pretty boring...better spruce it up with a teaser image or something.


Doing stuffsssss

I have finally uploaded my newest cartoon here on Newgrounds! Please check it outHERE and tell me what you guys think!

After a long time working on it and fine tuning it to the best of my ability, I am quite pleased with the results and hope that it will entertain everyone (or some of everyone). The most difficult part of this whole cartoon (besides, rendering the file and editing the sound effects and shots) was the music. I have had a lot of trouble trying to find songs that accompany the animations that I've made, and for this new one, it was tricky. If there is anyone out there who'd be interested in looking to make music for a cartoon, let me know! I'm always looking for people to collaborate with!

If you liked that cartoon, you can also check out my other cartoons, Fluffy the Silly Bunny and Just Because! I'm always interested in reading what people have to say about my work, even if it's harsh, gut wrenching criticism. That
s always great because it helps me improve, even if...my self esteem dies a little bit..and stuff...BUT NO MATTER!

I hope to get one more cartoon released before the year ends! Anyways, bai!

Hey Newgrounds! Check out my new toon Valkor the Viking!


2013-09-30 13:01:13 by thekillzar

So I finished my new cartoon, Valkor the Viking and I'm aiming to release it to Newgrounds tomorrow. I'm hoping the feedback is positive enough to encompass future episodes, as it is an idea that I want to make into a short series. When it comes out, I'm also going to need a lot of feedback on where to take the series. My buddy Vesper and I have strong outlooks on what to do but would like to get a response from people who would like to see more and what they want out of it.

This project was very difficult as the music I had did not really fit the cartoon and some scenes. It's this struggle that I hope to find an artist who is good with making fantasy/epic music for that whole archetype style of medieval dragons and sorcery stuff.

For the people who are following me, have a teaser image! Thanks for your support and see ya soon!


I sincerely would like to thank Tom Fulp for putting my Fluffy the Silly Bunny cartoon on the front page, and for everyone who watched it for their support and their reviews. I never knew it would have been worthy of the front page alongside Ricepirate or Sexual Lobster, and for that, I am extremely grateful! I promise to deliver more content soon and to improve on what I've done!

My biggest issue is now to make something a ton better than this, to satisfy everyone's expectations since I've been given a lot of good advice: longer content, better quality animation, smoother drawings, better sounds, yadda yadda.

Currently, I'm working on something new called Valkor the Viking; the direction of this new cartoon has been a little off for me, since I don't know when to make it serious or funny. It'll be finished soon, and I hope it'll be good enough for everyone to enjoy!

Enough boring talk though; Have a picture: Thank you all for the support! This has been quite an honor!

Front paged and Underdog of the Week!

Fluffy the Silly Bunny!

2013-08-28 22:21:24 by thekillzar

I've uploaded another animation here on Newgrounds, and if anyone sees this, you should go check it out!


It's the very first cartoon I've done that I posted online, and the start of my animation craze. I hope it gets off to a great start, depending on the response, I want to make a sequel starring another character.

Anyways, enjoy some artwork I did for this video. More to come soon, I promise!

Fluffy the Silly Bunny!

Still Alive!

2013-08-02 15:54:50 by thekillzar

Working alone on animations is tough work, but it sure is satisfying as all hell. My next project that I'm tackling is a little ambitious but the execution is a bit crude. But so long as people know and get what I'm making, that's all that matters.

Obligatory picture to show something I've been working on has been posted to accompany this rather boring text. TOODLES!

Still Alive!

Oh Jeez

2013-07-02 17:14:04 by thekillzar

Well I finally discovered how to write a blog post. I am so technologically impaired when it comes to new stuff. OH GAWD!

Whilst I may not have a ton of people following me who are reading this (or anyone at all), I still want to start a blog to keep updates flowing and connect with people who want to see more.

Ha, I sound like one of those PR snakes.WELP, HERE'S TO MORE CARTOONS!

P.S, I don't know if I can promote my channel or not, but I have some more cartoons on my Youtube page (if my imaginary or extant audience is still reading). The link is right here: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheKillzar