2013-10-16 20:48:44 by thekillzar

I am currently working on a variety of projects. I think Valkor did well enough to warrant another episode so that is definitely under works. I'm working with a composer who is creating original music for the episode, so that's exciting! But my main focus right now is my first attempt at making a live action short film.

I see people like OneyNG, Stamper and Ricepirate making hilarious short films and it just makes me want to go out and try it myself. I've got good friends helping me with camera operation, acting, scene design and more, while I am taking the role of the director. It's a difficult but oh-so-satisfying experience that I really want to take a part of. And I may make something great and hilarious or I may be worse than most people on Youtube who try to go viral. Who knows?

I don't have much to add here except that little tid bit of information. OH and I guess this short cartoon on Youtube I made a day ago. Enjoy! It'll be a while before I complete something new on this site. Cheers.


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2013-10-18 08:49:51

It's animation like this that made NG. :P Definitely worth uploading.

thekillzar responds:

You think so? It's really short, so I'm worried that it wouldn't pass judgement!


2013-10-19 02:59:43

Nah, it'll make it! Might not win an award... but it'll definitely pass!

thekillzar responds:

We'll see! I've uploaded it, now comes the waiting game. Oh the dreaded waiting game. lol I'm hoping for at least three stars!


2013-10-19 13:36:49

Nice. At least it's a shorter game than it used to be, I'm guessing you'll get a 3,5 after judgment.

thekillzar responds:

Yes, I tried to put the name I had on before but it was too long. :(

And thank you for your review! I appreciate it a lot! Now off I go to make more stuff!


2013-10-19 14:04:53

I meant the waiting game's shorter than before, now that they lowered the bar for how many have to vote for it to pass judgment. :P

Looking forward to em!