Hey Newgrounds! Check out my new toon Valkor the Viking!

2013-10-01 16:36:54 by thekillzar

I have finally uploaded my newest cartoon here on Newgrounds! Please check it outHERE and tell me what you guys think!

After a long time working on it and fine tuning it to the best of my ability, I am quite pleased with the results and hope that it will entertain everyone (or some of everyone). The most difficult part of this whole cartoon (besides, rendering the file and editing the sound effects and shots) was the music. I have had a lot of trouble trying to find songs that accompany the animations that I've made, and for this new one, it was tricky. If there is anyone out there who'd be interested in looking to make music for a cartoon, let me know! I'm always looking for people to collaborate with!

If you liked that cartoon, you can also check out my other cartoons, Fluffy the Silly Bunny and Just Because! I'm always interested in reading what people have to say about my work, even if it's harsh, gut wrenching criticism. That
s always great because it helps me improve, even if...my self esteem dies a little bit..and stuff...BUT NO MATTER!

I hope to get one more cartoon released before the year ends! Anyways, bai!

Hey Newgrounds! Check out my new toon Valkor the Viking!


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2013-10-01 18:32:31

Hey, I think I saw a thread about this on VAA.
Then again, maybe not.

thekillzar responds:

VAA? What's that?


2013-10-01 22:44:31

Voice Acting Alliance
Probably wrong here


2013-10-02 09:24:18

Watched it this morning. Great stuff!

thekillzar responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Read your review and everything. It means a lot! And I hope to make more soon! Like I said, I want to do one more episode before the year ends to get a 5th cartoon under my belt!