Front paged and Underdog of the Week!

2013-09-04 14:53:53 by thekillzar

I sincerely would like to thank Tom Fulp for putting my Fluffy the Silly Bunny cartoon on the front page, and for everyone who watched it for their support and their reviews. I never knew it would have been worthy of the front page alongside Ricepirate or Sexual Lobster, and for that, I am extremely grateful! I promise to deliver more content soon and to improve on what I've done!

My biggest issue is now to make something a ton better than this, to satisfy everyone's expectations since I've been given a lot of good advice: longer content, better quality animation, smoother drawings, better sounds, yadda yadda.

Currently, I'm working on something new called Valkor the Viking; the direction of this new cartoon has been a little off for me, since I don't know when to make it serious or funny. It'll be finished soon, and I hope it'll be good enough for everyone to enjoy!

Enough boring talk though; Have a picture: Thank you all for the support! This has been quite an honor!

Front paged and Underdog of the Week!


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2013-09-04 14:56:41

Congrats bro!

thekillzar responds:

Thank you so much!


2013-09-04 16:16:23

And this is only the begining!